Customised financial training for your organisation

We understand that a cornerstone of your success is the knowledge and expertise of your people in producing value-added analytical work underpinning client advisory and internal investment decision-making. We work in partnership with you to understand your unique requirements, plan step-by-step, propose solutions and deliver customised training. We prepare your people to hit the ground running and perform at the level that you and you clients demand.

Core curriculum

Our expertise encompasses the analytical methodologies and skill set employed by finance professionals from foundation through to advanced levels.

    • Reflecting business activities
    • Accounting principles and methods
    • Balance sheet
    • Capital sources and uses
    • Debt & equity
    • Operating working capital
    • Long-term tangible and intangible assets
    • Income statement
    • Earnings per share (EPS)
    • Cash flow statement
    • Taxes
    • Leases
    • Pensions
    • Equity method investments
    • M&A accounting
  • Financial ratios

  • Excel for financial modeling
  • Modeling principles and best practices
  • Integrated 3-financial statement modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Building scenarios
  • Projected income statement
  • Debt & interest schedule and revolver
  • Projected balance sheet
  • Projected cash flow statement
  • Testing and auditing

    • Valuation concepts and fundamentals
    • Company and financial security valuation
    • Value creation
    • Book value & market value
    • Dilutive securities
    • Equity value
    • Enterprise value
    • Time value of money
    • WACC
    • Discounted cash flow
    • Trading comparables
    • Transaction comparables
    • Premia analysis
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Pensions
    • Leases
    • NCI and associates
  • Valuation conclusions

Leveraged buyout (“LBO”)

  • Theoretical premise and concepts
  • Characteristics
  • Participants
  • Process
  • Financing sources & uses
  • Accounting & adjustments
  • Pro forma financial statements
  • Modeling
  • Returns analysis
  • Credit ratios and debt capacity


  • Strategic rationale
  • Synergies
  • Acquisition structures
  • Participants
  • Process (sell-side, buy-side)
  • Financing
  • Accounting & adjustments
  • Modeling
  • Accretion / (dilution) and balance sheet effects

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Example training programmes

Corporate institutions

We work in partnership with learning & development teams and training leaders to develop and deliver programmes customised to your unique requirements. Our programmes range from foundation through to advanced levels.

New hire professionals

  • Analyst training
  • Associate training
  • Summer intern (analyst & associate) training

Experienced professionals

  • Continuing learning & development
  • Refresher courses
  • Address knowledge gaps

Educational institutions

We work in partnership with academic faculties, careers centres and student clubs to provide financial modeling courses. They provide an ideal learning solution for students to bridge academic theory to real world on the job practical applications. Delegates gain valuable experience, knowledge, skills and confidence preparing to rise to career challenges ahead.

Business schools

  • MBA and postgraduate programme complimentary modules
  • Full time and summer associate recruitment preparation


  • Undergraduate and postgraduate programme complimentary modules
  • Full time and summer / spring analyst recruitment preparation

How it Works

At the outset, our focus will be to understand:

  • Your organisation including your business objectives and culture
  • Why you are considering a training programme
  • Intended learning outcomes i.e. what the training should enable your delegates to do
  • The current level of knowledge of the delegates
  • The number of potential delegates
  • Pertinent logistical details
  • Training programme budget

We will carefully assess your requirements and in the process of structuring a solution will work with you to clarify and make decisions on:

  • Who will attend the training with particular attention to knowledge level differences within the group
  • Which topics should be covered
  • How we will train your delegates including teaching materials and exercises
  • When we will conduct the training
  • Where we will conduct the training

We will present a detailed written training programme outline and training materials to meet the learning objectives including:

  • Course dates and location
  • A training schedule specifying the content and timing of each session
  • Logistical requests and requirements including: client staffing support, hardware, material distribution
  • Training fees

Any proposed adjustments will be discussed and agreed

We will deliver the training programme according to the specifications and issue certification to delegates on successful completion of the programme.

Our commitment to you does not end with the last session. We will specify channels for your delegates to access us post-programme to clarify and reinforce their understanding and ensure that they achieve the full benefit of their training to enhance their day to day performance on the job and help your firm to achieve your objectives.

Our objective is to provide the best learning outcomes for your delegates and we hope to become your provider of choice.

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