Financial Modeling & Valuation (2 days)

Develop a fundamental understanding and framework including core financial analysis, modeling and valuation skills used by finance professionals to analyse companies and financial securities. Apply theory and best practice principles to build a comprehensive financial and valuation model of a target company preparing you to perform on the job.

Day 1 – Financial modeling

Learning outcomes

  • Apply knowledge and understanding of financial statements
  • Learn and apply industry best practices
  • Construct a comprehensive 5-year projected integrated 3-financial statement company model in Excel

Key topics

  • Review financial statements and accounting concepts
  • Setting up the model
  • Crafting assumptions
  • Debt and interest schedule and “revolver” modeling
  • Projected financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
  • Auditing and testing the model

Day 2 – Valuation

Learning outcomes

  • Understand valuation concepts and methodologies
  • Value companies and financial securities
  • Construct a comprehensive company valuation model in Excel extending the Day 1 model

Key topics

  • Bridging accounting (book) value to market value
  • Bridging equity value to enterprise value
  • Dilutive financial securities
  • Intrinsic valuation: framework, time value of money, WACC, discounted cash flow (“DCF”)
  • Relative valuation: framework, trading comps and transaction comps
  • Valuation limitations and interpretation


  • Career applications: investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, equity research, hedge funds, asset management, corporate business development, sales & trading, entrepreneurship
  • Assumed knowledge: Basic knowledge of the 3 financial statements and Excel
  • What to bring: laptop with Excel and pdf reader installed
  • All learning materials are provided including: Excel exercise files, subject company files, presentation handouts and discussion topics
  • Delegates will receive Intermediate level financial modeling certification
  • Please contact us for details of upcoming courses